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Its Mid week... 12/23/2009
It's mid week... A part of me can't wait for work to start... In the meantime, I have been working on two projects... one, a gift for my aunt, another a Christmas gift for my neighbour...

I dropped by MWL yesterday... it was 6pm and it was crazy crowded... I guess there were alot of people dropping by after work... I also made my way to Spotlight to get some craft ideas... stumbled upon this lovely heart door hanger in wood... it comes in a few shapes... together with other wooden products... kind of like the ones you can find at Art Friend...
It's pretty neat... there's so many possibilities with this one...
Wooden door hanger at $1.95
Another wonderful finding is a beautiful place mat at $0.50 at the market the other day! Good to use when I am working with messy things like paint and inks... it can act as a craft sheet... as far as heat is not concerned.
Placemat at $0.50
Here's a sneak peak at 2 different layouts I did recently...
One's Colourful and the other's a little Vintage....
.I learned: Possibilities.
.Mothers are Superheroes.


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