Scrapper's Crave
I think I have alot to be thankful for...
There are other people out there, who are struggling and suffering in many ways... I remember very vividly when We were battling my father's cancer... it was the hardest times in my life... the cruelest times... and it really woke me up... the best things in life... are really being safe and sound with your family and loved ones... and nothing can compare to that.

When I think about this year... I think about how much I have grown as a person. And I am blessed to have many learning opportunities... in many ways... My hope for 2010 is simple. To always remember how lucky and blessed I am. To stay grounded as a person.

And of course... I hope I can explore and experiment with more mediums and colours. I leave you all with this layout... This is to remind me of my scrapping journey in 2009.
art. inspire. create. (from declassified stamps)
Have a good year everyone. Enjoy the holidays...

Go on... Scrap to your heart's desires...


Tue, 05 Jan 2010 02:37:49

Sweetie.. this one is gorgeous. You really have a way with mediums. And um... yellow is kinda my color of the month too.. :) so yum yum yum. Happy new Year!


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